Ride Day



We began the day with mass at 8:00am, the rain kept some of the riders away.

There were old friends from past years and some new faces that were ready to take on the rain for a great ride.

After a blessing from Father Anthony, we took to the streets.




As always a stop at St. Raphael’s Ruins ….. a little shorter this year so we had some extra time at the Blue Anchor for some fellowship and warming up.


The sun did come out for the ride to St. Andrews where Bishop Marcel Damphouse gave a wonderful talk on “Everyday Holiness”


Stay in Touch for the Fall Ride – October 11th




Give them Permission

Today we attended a men’s breakfast where we had the pleasure of hearing local Sun Media columnist Brian Lilley give a wonderful witness talk about how to live your faith in a secular society.

His challenge was to ensure that we give our Priests permission to speak true Catholic doctrine; we need to support and encourage them when they are speaking out and being counter-cultural.

Take an active role if something is said that you do not quite understand, ask for the reference in the Bible and/or the catechism and take time to reflect in you “Classroom of Silence”.

You want to do this with love and respect do not attack; if you are ask for your thoughts or opinion by someone be honest and humble. Do not enter into a debate if you are not fully informed or able to commit the time or correct facts; misconception does not help to evangelize our faith.

Have a question, need an answer: email us @ bandofbrothersottawa@gmail.com

Ride to the Father, May 18th,2013

Ride takes place May 18th, 2013 at St. Catherine of Sienna Parish in Metcalfe, ON, beginning with mass and blessing of the bikes, ride begins at 9 am sharp.  Refreshment breaks and stops for fellowship and a talk by guest speaker.  Ride ends where it begins in Metcalfe with a BBQ.

Call 613-673-2548 for more info