Don’t Tell me, Show Me!

On Sunday we celebrated the Ascension of the Lord which takes place 40 days after Easter.  

What an amazing journey that Jesus’ disciples were on in the past few years. Jesus came into their lives and spoke with conviction that he was the Son of God even though it was know that he was born to earthly parents. Many miracles were performed and sermons preached that helped to guide the disciple into believing and foster a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. 

During His Passion we see both his humanity and divinity.
At His Death and in the tomb we see his humanity.
In the empty tomb we are tested
In the upper room we see his divinity
It is the events of the Ascension that the divinity of Christ is showcase , when the disciples witness our Lord being raised up to take His place in God’s Kingdom.  

It is like speaking to a potter and they show you a pile of clay, a potter’s wheel and a beautiful vase. They can speak about the process but until you watch them you may doubt that it can actually be done.

By allowing the disciples to witness His Glorious Ascension, Christ was showing them not only telling them.


Give them Permission

Today we attended a men’s breakfast where we had the pleasure of hearing local Sun Media columnist Brian Lilley give a wonderful witness talk about how to live your faith in a secular society.

His challenge was to ensure that we give our Priests permission to speak true Catholic doctrine; we need to support and encourage them when they are speaking out and being counter-cultural.

Take an active role if something is said that you do not quite understand, ask for the reference in the Bible and/or the catechism and take time to reflect in you “Classroom of Silence”.

You want to do this with love and respect do not attack; if you are ask for your thoughts or opinion by someone be honest and humble. Do not enter into a debate if you are not fully informed or able to commit the time or correct facts; misconception does not help to evangelize our faith.

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What is your Goliath?

The word “Goliath” is defined by The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition.  2000 as “A person or thing of colossal power or achievement.” The dictionary acknowledges that the origin of the word is from the biblical passage in 1 Samuel 17. I use the word “Goliath” to mean something that is very big, enormous, gigantic, and overwhelming. Goliath can stand for anything that is in front of you that you see as an obstacle. I speak of Goliath problems to mean big problems.

Each of us faces a Goliath in life. Your Goliath may be different from my Goliath. Yet, they are Goliath that come to us in almost the same areas of life. There are financial Goliaths. So also there are Goliaths of sickness. Some people are experiencing a Goliath of failure. For some it is a Goliath of poverty. Yours may be a Goliath of the fear of the past or a Goliath of the fear of the future. Maybe it is a Goliath of inferiority complex that you face. It may even be a Goliath of failure in relationships. You make friends but you do not know how to keep them.

Whatever Goliath that you face I came to inform you that you can have victory over that Goliath. You are taller than your Goliath. Your Goliath is smaller than you. You are more capable than your Goliath. You can outlive your Goliath. Your Goliath will die out and you will continue to exist. You will become a champion over your Goliath.

Run towards that Goliath. Do not be afraid of that Goliath. All that glistens is not gold. Something may be very big outwardly but it may be hollow inside. You have a power that your Goliath lacks. Your Goliath comes from below, but you come from above. Your Goliath cannot stop you. Let me suggest to you some practical steps or keys that you can use to conquer your Goliath:

  • Always depend on God’s power in confronting your Goliath, not on your own strength.
  • Realize that this power already lives in you; it is for you to use it.
  • Know the specific and kind of Goliath you are facing.
  • Do not be intimidated by the size of your goliath.
  • Let the reward you will receive encourage you to face your Goliath.
  • Do not run backward or away from you Goliath; go and confront it.
  • Listen to the report of God, not the report of people. People will discourage you from fighting your Goliath. Many good things in life would not have been achieved if people listened to voices of discouragement.
  • There are 5 smooth stones to kill every Goliath. You have the power in the blood of Jesus, the power name of Jesus, the power of the Holy Ghost, the prayer of agreement with believers, and the power in the word of God.
  • The 5 letters in the name of Jesus have tremendous power, for there is no other name given among people by which you can be delivered but by the name of Jesus.
  • Make use of the weapons of our warfare as in Ephesians 6:10-18. Weapons are to be used not to be stored away.
  • Do not depend on the weapons of Saul but on the weapons of God.
  • Always go to battle with your shepherd’s bag. The shepherd’s bag is the word of God.
  • There is no time to waste, be the first to strike your Goliath before it strikes you. Hit your Goliath before it hits you. It is either you kill you Goliath or you run the risk of being killed by your Goliath.